Leadership Excellence

The Challenge of Leadership

Multinational companies face the challenge of ensuring that their employees around the world are aligned on a common corporate strategy and culture.

Strong Skills

Leaders successfully achieve alignment in business goals by building their competencies to meet the demands of New York: They lead by example as agile managers, strong communicators, critical thinkers, and creative innovators. Today’s leaders take their diverse team with them, develop employees, and lead them safely through change.

Influencing Factors

Leaders are confronted with external changes due to New Work and VUCA. Working in a global and digital age of constant and unpredictable change, a completely novel understanding of leadership has emerged. Factors such as cost pressure, growth targets, overwork, diversity management and organizational change are additional internal challenges.


Effective leaders set goals, inspire others, and guide an organization to sustainable success. Strong leaders are real difference makers for all businesses. Equip them to build a culture of engagement where team members are confident with their abilities and enthusiastic to contribute.

Multinational Delivery

Regional characteristics, such as different management cultures and social structures, play a decisive role in the design and implementation of an international roll-out. Training solutions that are adapted to the local context ensure that the content is relevant, finds acceptance, and is sustainably anchored in the attitudes and behaviors of managers.

Success Story

Benefit from over 100 years of experience that Dale Carnegie Training brings to the leadership development – with proven results.
Develop the skills of your leadership team: Young to experienced leaders will find innovative ways to unite and engage people, creating a workforce that’s ready for any challenge.

Gain employee commitment and loyalty

Improve communication and collaboration

Create a culture that retains talent

Achieve organizational goals and objectives

In collaboration with Dale Carnegie Training, Continental developed a new Leadership Architecture for all management levels.