Talent Development

The Challenge of Talent Development

Young professionals work for more than a paycheck: they choose employers whose values and goals match their own. Companies that can convince young talent of a shared purpose attract and retain international talented employees.

Future Competencies

To approach succession in a structured way – both in specialist and management positions – it is essential to develop new generations of qualified employees with excellent personal skills, strong communication skills and modern leadership qualities.

War for Talents

“Build” or “buy” – which strategy do you pursue? Only through continuous employee development can you ensure the high quality of the human resource. Invest in talent within the company and build up their skills. Place emphasis on continuing education to develop skills internally to meet the current and future needs of the business. A more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to buying and poaching capable employees.


What skills does your organization look for? As technology adaptation increases, skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, self-management in active learning, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility are high on the list. Changing work tasks due to disruption require strong soft skills on the human side of change.

Talent Magnets

Training is one of the company benefits that employees value most. While loyalty to the company is declining and turnover rates are at an all-time high, research data suggests that HR development programs strengthen employee loyalty. The significant side effect: companies that invest in their employees attract more talent.

Success Story

Benefit from over 100 years of experience that Dale Carnegie Training brings to the talent development – with proven results. Dale Carnegie’s expertise in personal development and relationship management creates a solid foundation for the future careers of young professionals. Investment in talents – in upskilling and reskilling – makes a lasting contribution to your organization’s successful future.

Gain employee commitment and loyalty

Improve communication and collaboration

Create a culture that retains talent

Achieve organizational goals and objectives

The Dale Carnegie Talent Development Program is an integral part of Arvato Bertelsmann’s business strategy.