Personal Journey

Your individual path to personal development is designed as a multi-part program. In addition to personnel diagnostics, coaching and application projects, your Personal Development Journey also includes two training modules. You will further develop key competencies of: people skills, effective communication and human relations, and confident, impactful presentation skills.

Dale Carnegie´s unique relationship-centered approach to personal excellence targets 2 specific stages of personal development, and the skills needed to succeed in each phase. 

Your Track

Upon completion of Dale Carnegie´s Personal Excellence Journey, you will see measurable gains in communication, personal and corporate image, and business results.

Phase 1

Key Skills for Personal Leadership

Learn the founcation for personal excellence: confidence and powerful people skills.

The path to effective communications and human relations

Dale Carnegie was a well-known master of people skills. That’s why, inspired by his precise and practiced methods, and fine-tuned over decades, this module – based on the Dale Carnegie Course® – is specifically designed to transform individuals and teams into capable professionals who are highly skilled in interpersonal communications. 

Find the skills needed to succeed

When you look at any successful person, what do you see? Confidence. Competence. Charisma. They are engaged in all aspects of their work and life, communicating and inspiring others as they lead by example. And those are skills and traits anyone can possess. You only have to learn how to best leverage them. 

Phase 2

Personal Leadership Presence

Deliver high impact presentations that win the business.

The module features several recorded presentaion opportunities, individual coaching, and review.

Effective communication is critical in any role

Whether you are persuading colleagues, selling to a client, or energizing a team, the power of your presentation makes the difference between success and failure. This module teaches how to properly refine your presentation for maximum influence, credibility, and impact. You apply proven methods and techniques to develop compelling presentations with universal appeal – yielding consistent, positive results. 

A persuasive employee is a powerful employee

The ability to give an effective presentation in the workplace is a crucial skill that every employee should possess. Effective delivery and presence help get your personal message across and influence an audience in memorable ways, as well as equipping the presenter with a confidence that persists in every aspect of your professional career. Your audience view you as prepared, informed, and confident. And your high impact presentation brings people into action.

In this free 60-minute session preview, learn what you can expect from Dale Carnegie, top provider of personal development, for your individual development journey. Leverage our expertise to achieve your personal growth goals!