Sales Excellence

Develop impactful sales teams

The Challenge of Sales

Strong Skills

Winning over employees worldwide for a common sales strategy is one of the challenges in sales for multinational companies.

Successful sales teams are characterized by working with aligned processes and structures, having exceptional negotiation skills, being customer-centric to consistently selling value to the customer, generate innovative solutions through creativity and initiative*, and ultimately positioning themselves as trusted advisors in a long-term customer relationship.

Influencing Factors


Salespeople at all levels face external factors such as strong globalized competition, increasing customer demands, and remote selling. Internal factors – revenue and margin pressure, customer and pipeline management, introduction of new products and services, and a solution (value) selling approach additionally challenge the organization and the sales force.

Lift yourself to the next level of sales. Ready for change? Get involved in the new sales process: Dealing with the customer is first and foremost about understanding the customer’s actual situation – to then help them achieve their goals.

Multinational Delivery

Success Story

Local conditions – different market development and pricing strategies, product/service portfolio – must be considered when designing and implementing an international rollout of a sales initiative. This is the only way to ensure that the training content is accepted and firmly anchored in attitudes and behavior.

Benefit from over 100 years of experience that Dale Carnegie Training brings to the development of sales teams. Dale Carnegie’s sales solutions enable your high-performing salespeople build better relationships with leads. Your loyal customers create a lucrative sales pipeline — ultimately resulting in increased sales performance.

Build better relationships with leads

Create loyalty with your existing customers

Identify a prospect´s unmet needs

Better convert leads and prospects to sales

In collaboration with Dale Carnegie Training, WIKA developed a new Sales Excellence Program for their sales teams and sales leaders.