Unique Value! Unique Selling!

The Industrial Solutions business area of thyssenkrupp (tk IS) is a leading partner for the engineering, construction and service of industrial plants and system, with around 19,000 employees at over 70 locations globally.

Dale Carnegie developed a customized training program on Value Selling as part of the tk IS Sales Academy. The focus is on communicating the value of a unique solution and on building strong, lasting relationships throughout a long sales cycle.


The market is changing and becoming a buyer’s market with increasingly price-sensitive customers. Competition from countries such as China is increasing. Customers are benefiting from the increasing digitization of sales processes and a change in information asymmetry.

The sales cycle of large industrial plants is a year-long journey. Throughout the process, there are countless opportunities to highlight the value of your solutions.



The custom solutions focused on the real power of value: Consider the value from a customer’s perspective. By asking strong questions, we identify the customer’s needs. We learn to understand the customer’s situation in depth – and where we can make the difference. Being a sparring partner at an early stage, we help customers to identify key points for RFPs and guide them through the process, so that they really get what they need. And with improved communication skills, we handle concerns with confidence, overcome objections and convince customers of the unique value.


Every participant worked with real customer cases from their own business unit. We discuss and challenge our current approach and identify opportunities where even experienced salespeople can make their lives easier and have more success.

Both business development and sales know how important it is to understand the uniqueness of your solution right from the start and to communicate this. After all, the earlier you understand the specific customer needs, the more influence you have on the requirements of an RFP


“I would like to thank Dale Carnegie for the excellent cooperation: Dale Carnegie has always been a reliable and professional partner for us. I very much appreciated the exchange throughout. As well as your understanding of our business and the impressive implementation of our training concepts. ”

Katharina Gellert, Head of Sales Community, Business Development & Sales, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

“Für die ausgezeichnete Zusammenarbeit bedanke ich mich: Dale Carnegie war uns immer ein zuverlässiger und professioneller Partner. Den Austausch habe ich durchweg sehr geschätzt. Ebenso Ihr Verständnis unseres Businesses sowie die beeindruckende Umsetzung unserer Trainingskonzepte. ”

Katharina Gellert, Head of Sales Community, Business Development & Sales, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions