Global Sales Excellence Program

Dale Carnegie designed a customised Global Sales Excellence program for WIKA group, an international market leader in the industry of pressure and temperature measurement techniques. Three modules with a total of 11 training days per group over a period of 6-8 months per country were delivered in local languages by local certified Dale Carnegie trainers. More than 500 high qualified sales employees in 26 countries participated in the Global Sales Excellence Program. Additionally, WIKA managers participate in a leadership training top-down to implement the methodology and the wording of the Dale Carnegie training also within non-sales departments.

How They’re Succeeding Now

The Dale Carnegie sales training “Competencies and Behaviour Change” was permanently embedded worldwide for sales as well as sales-related departments. Coaching of the sales employees by their respective managers for implementing the content from the training in daily practice now is WIKA’s key to enduring success.


The aim was to measurably increase the worldwide sales success. To achieve this aim, an internationally standardised sales concept which could be delivered in the respective local languages was necessary. It was difficult to persuade all employees and leaders of such a new and standardised concept. Moreover, cultural differences had to be recognised and overcome.


A training program with communication, sales, presentation skills and coaching elements was created, by means of which the product-oriented sales strategy could be replaced by a solutions-oriented sales strategy at the WIKA worldwide sites. The sales departments (office and field staff) as well as sales-related functions, e.g. product and market segment management were trained.


Sales leaders have gained an increased understanding of their role as coaches and managers. Numerous sites report considerably higher margins because the value of the products was now used as a sales argument, which also meant that the products could be sold at higher prices. Internationally standardized tools help to process the international communication regarding projects/customers/orders with much more efficiency than before.

“Moving from a product-oriented to a market-oriented sales organisation, the Sales Excellence training delivered in our international sites helped greatly to quickly establish a common understanding of sales and sales management. Our sales employees now speak the same WIKA language and are equipped with a highly diversified toolbox for their daily business.”

Peter Ballweg, Executive Vice President Human Resources, WIKA

Peter Ballweg

Executive Vice President Human Resources, WIKA

As a member of the board, Peter Ballweg talks about WIKA’s decision for Dale Carnegie’s approach, to jointly develop their need for an international training program, WIKA’s sales goals, and concrete measurable results.

Marco Conti

Managing Director, WIKA, Italy

Managing Director of WIKA Italy Marco Conti, responsible for Southern Europe, talks about his experience with Dale Carnegie: about the successful local adaptation of a global training program, such as teambuilding and enthusiastic participants from all levels, and the outstanding quality of the coaches.

Veronika Gesser

International HR Manager, WIKA

Veronika Gesser presents the cooperation with Dale Carnegie from a project management point of view: the execution of the kick-off of a globally standardised training programme in local language, the strong demand of the employees as well as the sustainability of the enhancements.

Ramsey Hill-Kubitza

Teamleitung Sales Excellence, Sales Europe, Celbar GmbH, WIKA

In her role as leader and consultant Ramsey Hills-Kubitza talks about the transformation in the professional practice: the improved preparation and presentation of topics and meetings, the more active exchange in successfull sales meetings and a new company culture which is shaped by understanding and open communication.

Lukas Rothermich

Field Manager, WIKA

Lukas Rothermich speaks from the employee perspective about his experience in the training, the positive changes in his daily work achieved through the more effective sales process and inter-divisional cooperation for value selling.